How to Stage a Catastrophe

Sidney Camazzola plans to be the director of the Juicebox Theater when he grows up. For now, he handles the props, his best friend Folly works the concession stand, and his sister May hangs out in the spotlight. But the theater is in danger of closing, and the kids know they need a plan to save it–and fast. When they join a local commerce club to earn money, Sid and Folly uncover some immoral business practices, and it gives them a great idea for saving the theater. That is, if you can call extortion a great idea. Their crazy scheme is the production Sid was born to direct. But can they pull it off?

ISBN 978-1-62370-807-8 (paper over board)

ISBN 978-1-62370-808-5 (reflowable ebook)

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Sid’s first-person, fourth-wall–breaking narration, full of amusing similes and asides, carries the day. Conspiratorial theatrics and all-around good fun.–Kirkus Reviews

Full of quirky fun, this middle-grade debut is given a three-act structure and peppered with witty asides and comments from Sidney about the process of theater making. An ideal introduction for budding thespians.–Booklist

Donnelly grips readers from the first sentence with Sidney Camazzola’s lively, distinctive, and — most of all — funny voice. This debut novel offers action, drama, and mystery in a page-turning adventure worthy of the stage.–Megan Frazer Blakemore, author of THE WATER CASTLE and THE FIREFLY CODE

To read or not to read…is not even a question when it comes to How to Stage a Catastrophe. Enjoy your front row seat as Sidney Camazzola and his quirky cast put on the show of a lifetime. Funny and sweet – this Catastrophe’s a hit!–Casey Lyall, author of HOWARD WALLACE, P.I.

A Spring/Summer 2017 Kids’ Indie Next Pick (American Booksellers Association)

A Winter/Spring 2017 Indies Introduce title (American Booksellers Association)

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