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A laugh-out-loud funny picture book about an unexpected superhero for fans of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs filled with humor and fun and lots of spaghetti! Coming 10/12/2021!

How Slippery Is a Banana Peel? is a picture book companion to Cats Are a Liquid celebrating the science and the slipperiness of banana peels—a perfect introduction to friction, featuring illustrations by Misa Saburi.

Green Machine

A playful nonfiction picture book celebrating the production of biogas through anaerobic digestion.

Cats Are a Liquid

Celebrate cats in all their flowing, furry glory in Cats Are a Liquid, a charming picture book that examines the unusual physical properties of felines by writer Rebecca Donnelly and illustrator Misa Saburi.


Cora Davis’s life is garbage. Literally. Her professor parents study what happens to trash after it gets thrown away, and Cora knows exactly how it feels to be thrown away. Between her mom and dad separating and a fallout with her best friend, fifth grade for Cora has been a year of feeling like being tossed into the dumpster.But Cora has learned a couple of things from her parents’ trash-tracking studies: Things don’t always go where they’re supposed to, and sometimes the things you thought you got rid of come back. And occasionally, one person’s trash is another’s treasure, which Cora and Sybella learn when they come across a diary detailing best-friendship problems. Told from two intertwining points of view, this is a warm, wry story of friendship, growing up, and being true to yourself.

How to Stage a Catastrophe

Sidney Camazzola plans to be the director of the Juicebox Theater when he grows up. For now, he handles the props, his best friend Folly works the concession stand, and his sister May hangs out in the spotlight. But the theater is in danger of closing, and the kids know they need a plan to save it–and fast. When they join a local commerce club to earn money, Sid and Folly uncover some immoral business practices, and it gives them a great idea for saving the theater. That is, if you can call extortion a great idea. Their crazy scheme is the production Sid was born to direct. But can they pull it off?


Pollinator Pals: A fun, fictional approach to learning about pollination and pollinators. Level 3, ATOS 2.0-2.2. Available to the school/library market from Jump! Inc.

Meet the Dinosaurs: When Reptiles Ruled introduces early fluent readers to some of the fiercest dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles with a fun, fictional approach. 6 books in series. Level 2. Available to the school/library market from Jump! Inc.

Amazing Migrations, series of 6 beginning readers. Readers will learn about the appearances, habitats, life cycles, behaviors, diets, and survival techniques through the perspective of animals as they embark on their journeys. Level 2. Available to the school/library market from Jump! Inc.