School and Library Visits

4th grade visit
4th grade class visit, showing off the Fortune Teller of Writing Prompts.

Currently, I’m available for in-person school and library visits in Northern New York and Skype visits anywhere in the galaxy.

Storytelling Projects

I’ve done short story workshops, storytelling workshops, and stop-motion workshops in public libraries with kids in groups of up to 12.

In a typical 2-hour stop-motion workshop, we’ll go over storyboarding, the basics of setting up a stop-motion project, and we’ll create a group video using props.

School Visits

School and classroom visits can be large group presentations based on my work and the craft of writing or writing/storytelling workshops for smaller groups.

Here are the slides from a few presentations I’ve done for teachers & librarians to give you an idea of content (subject to change as I tweak the slides).

Extending How to Stage a Catastrophe

Digital Storytelling Workshops (with some sample student projects)

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