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More books on the way!

Here’s a funny thing about publishing (and anyone in the business can tell you their own story about it): it’s nothing if not surprising. After a couple of years with no new deal announcements, now I have three within a few weeks.

I’m very pleased to have two picture books on the way with Godwin Books and another middle grade coming from Capstone. I posted the announcement for GREEN MACHINE: THE FOOD ENERGY CYCLE earlier, and here are the announcements for the other two.



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Coming Winter 2020: My First Nonfiction Picture Book!

I’m so happy to announce that my first nonfiction picture book, GREEN MACHINE: THE FOOD ENERGY CYCLE, illustrated by Christophe Jacques, will be published by Holt/Godwin Books in winter 2020. It’s a rhyming ode to anaerobic digestion, and if you don’t think that sounds like fun, then you haven’t been to visit a farm’s anaerobic digester in the middle of January in northern New York.

What is anaerobic digestion? Short answer: a great way to make energy from organic matter like food & manure. See–fun! I’ll post more as the book’s production progresses.

I can’t wait to see Christophe Jacques’s art for this book. You can see his portfolio here. Super fun retro-modern, super kid-friendly.


17 Things to Support Your Local Library

On January 1st, I tweeted a list of 17 things to do to support your local library in 2017, and it seemed to strike a chord with people. Nothing I’ve ever tweeted has gotten that kind of attention–over 300 RTs & many more likes. I think it says something about the power of public libraries. I’ve seen people quote-tweet it, saying they learned to read because of the library, or they work for a library, and these are the things they most want people to know.

Not everything on the list works for every library, of course. I made the list from the perspective of a 10-year US public librarian, currently the director of a very small rural library, fully taxpayer-funded. And I definitely get the point people are making when they say, “Good list-but check your library’s donation policy!”

Libraries all over the US and the world are different, but we have this in common: there’s a massive amount of goodwill toward libraries. Thanks to everyone who liked, retweeted, or commented on this thread for showing me how much libraries matter.

Here’s a Storify of the thread. Please use it to support your local library!